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Midnight Heist is a co-op horror where you go on a heist through Midnight City alone or with up to three friends. As a relatively inexperienced hacker, you get the chance to perform tasks for well-known organizations. If you manage to complete these tasks, your reputation will increase and you will be trusted, while you will be rewarded. However, pay close attention to who hires you. The tasks will not be without danger. It is rumored that especially at midnight strange shadows move through the office buildings.

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According to reports, strange figures roam around various companies from midnight onwards. We're not sure what exactly is meant by these figures, but be on the lookout for danger in any case. Try to leave as few traces as possible, complete your task and escape.


You can break into the companies with up to three more companions and distribute the tasks to grab even bigger rewards. However, keep in mind that more thieves means more attention.


You'll be able to choose one of four available characters. By completing heists, your character will gain experience that can let you increase in level. We also plan to add a shop in the future where you can spend your earned money on skins to customize your characters.


After receiving a job, you will have to break into a company. Depending on the job, you'll have a variety of tasks. Usually, you'll have to connect to computers in the company to steal data that is relevant for your client. At the same time, there will be some important documents and objects lying around in the company that you can take and steal to increase your loot.


Black Hats

The Black Hats are an organization that exploits every weakness in the system to get to their goal. They don't care about losses and use shady methods to reach their goal almost every time. They will use any means to get their prey.


Satoshi is an organization that does everything for money. No matter if companies and people have to be attacked or protected. As long as they end up being richly rewarded for their work, any means is fine with them. Accordingly, they only go for the jobs that are the most lucrative for them.


Nobody really knows who or what is behind the Shadow organization. Some rumor that this organization is led by only one person. Shadow always appears exactly when no one suspects it and gives special missions that only the best hackers and thieves can fulfill.


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